Find out what JSEcoin is and how it works

Today, cryptocurrencies are very famous, but there is an emerging group of cryptocurrencies that are known very little or simply not known at all and that is why today we are going to talk about JSEcoin (JSE).

However, what makes JSEcoin unique to Ethereum and Bitcoin is that JSEcoin is designed to use JavaScript to mine for coins.

The idea behind this JavaScript cryptocurrency is to allow website owners to generate revenue through their users’ browsers, actually extracting the currencies.

How JSEcoin works

You can carry out SHA 256 and other encryption using standard web browsers such as Firefox, Safari or Chrome. When billions of web browsers are scaled around the world, the use of browsers to complete the hashing process could, in theory, replace the miners. JSEcoin uses an asynchronous JavaScript process that should not interrupt the performance of the website or slow down the user experience.

Webmasters can place the JSEcoin JavaScript on their website and they will be rewarded with JSEcoins since the browsers of their visitors help in the process of cryptographic encryption. JSEconis is a new way to monetize your content instead of, or in conjunction with, typical image ads.

The JavaScript code for JSE is an external entrenched for JavaScript file. This code is loaded after the page has finished loading to avoid damaging performance or SEO. Given that JSEcoin depends on widespread adoption by webmasters, it seems clear why they focus on ensuring that JSEcoin does not have a negative effect on search engine optimization (SEO).

JSEcoin gives you privacy and security

JSEcoin seems to recognize the importance of privacy and intends for website owners to inform their end users that their website is monetized by encryption. Actually, this seems to be a built-in function, since the current script includes a banner near the bottom of the site that informs the visitor that the site is monetized using JSEcoin.

The real history of JSEcoin

JSEcoin was created in 2017 with the launch of the JSEcoin beta platform in August. The proof of concept was proposed in July 2017. The founders of JSEcoin are James Bachini, David Mallet, John Sim and Tracey Howard.

The founders of JSEcoin foresee a 2-year initial funding requirement of approximately 1 million pounds. This includes office rental, cloud computing, developers, advertising, accounting and other expenses.

Funding for the subsequent stage can be generated by listing in AIM as a public currency, providing data for ad exchanges and retaining a JSEcoin cryptocurrency amount for its own accounts.

How is the total distribution of JSEcoin?

The total distribution of JSEcoin will be from 10 to 100 million. Each of the co-founders retains 100,000 JSE and the company retains an additional 100,000. The total distribution will be established closer to its launch in 2018.

JSE can be obtained by either placing a script on a website or receiving credits for visitors who complete hashes or through traditional mining. However, JSEcoin initially disabled the user mining feature to allow its developers to catch up with the growing user base.

You can also get JSEcoin for free by registering here and then referring others.

What are the risks of JSEcoin?

The founders of JSEcoin foresee several potential risks. These include hackers, the risks associated with Bitcoin prices, citrus currency legislation, brand trust, liquidity and fraud.

To address these risks, JSEcoin has implemented several security measures. For example, multiple blockchains should help avoid double spending.

Finally, to prevent webmasters from modifying the code and creating high-power hashing hardware, it will be necessary to create algorithms to reward impressions and hashing.


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