The best Ad-exchange platforms

An Ad-exchange platform in a few words is a bridge that unites supply and demand, is the place where they come together. We could say that an Ad Exchange is to the programmatic advertising what the stock market is.

The main role of an Ad Exchange is focused on providing an adequate environment so that the actors that are part of the demand (advertisers), through the DSP technologies “Demand side platforms”, can conveniently bid for the space that the supply side technologies (sellers), the so-called SSPs “Supply side platforms”, make available to them. The point of intersection between supply and demand is the Ad Exchange.

In an Ad-exchange platform, the sellers and advertisers (or in general all the actors that, by mandate of an advertiser, manage the process of purchasing them) decide the conditions of the agreements or purchase operations of inventory that they want to carry out.

The media choose the type of content accepted depending on the advertiser company, and set the prices. Advertisers, for their part, determine the audience they wish to acquire according to the interests and objectives.

Other Ad Exchange platforms that should interest you

In an Ad-exchange platform, ad networks facilitate the whole process of planning and buying online media. So the process of buying and selling in the advertising space make easier. In addition, these networks have quite transparent regulations for advertisers and publishers.

One of the most famous Ad-exchange platform is the Google Marketing Platform, former DoubleClick. Platform that we have been using in Latamclick for years. Each ad network specializes in certain types of advertising space and content.

Today there are many Ad Exchange platforms alternative to DoubleClick which is the most fascinating of all. In Latamclick we have tried many that you may not know.


This is an Ad Exchange platform very popular among advertisers for having inventory of famous adult websites. It also has many ad formats and an average CPM of $ 0.19 and a CTR of 1.80%.


It is one of the advertising networks that were born thanks to the trend of pop-up and pop-under ads. In case you do not know are those that appear below your browser. Your network is very interesting since it links many movie, download and music websites.

It offers an anti-block system and a lot of inventory in LATAM. Your average CPM varies by country, but does not exceed $ 0.20.


It is an Ad Exchange very similar to the previous one, pop-up and pop-under formats with the possibility of segmenting advertisements and CPM costs very easily. Below we see the current inventory in Paraguay.


It is an Ad Exchange super platform that offers bids for CPM, Smart CPM, Smart CPA and CPC with pop-under formats, push and interstitial notifications.

I hope that this small list of Ad Exchange platforms will help you when you want to reach your target audience. You can break the traditional software routine to create advertising campaigns and test by investing a few dollars.

*As a recommended crypto Ad-Exchange you can check Jsecoin


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