How to trade in different exchanges at the same time

If you want to trade in cryptocurrencies you should notice that it or they will be include in Coinmarketcap it is hardly legal. This page is the most complete and where the cryptocurrencies that circulate in the market are listed, so the fact of not existing in this list should call our attention and take precautions.

There are multiple types of companies which call themselves a trading platform which invite you to deposit your money in a wallet and they tell you that in addition to doing this trading, they return astronomical returns which are false, basically the main activity of these so-called companies is to capture your money and then steal it.

As a recommendation, before starting to trade with real money, find out very well in the hands of which company you deposit your capital, so you can prepare to learn about authentic cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms gathered in Tradingview

If we talk about complete developments that allow us to develop our strategies, try out tools of chartist patterns, studies, and follow analysis of other traders of any of the cryptocurrencies we can start with Tradingview, since it includes most of both cryptocurrencies and platforms. to make trading in them, for this reason we want to share this complete Guide of Tradingview from the most basic level so that you become an expert in its use.

According to several surveys made to the traders that operate cryptocurrencies with real money and also our experience in some platforms or exchange of trading in cryptocurrencies the most recommended are:

Cryptocurrency trading platforms-Binance

How to trade in different exchanges at the same time

Currently one of the best that exists to perform trading in cryptocurrencies is Binance, the reasons:

• Greater volume of transactions

• Has a broad portfolio of cryptocurrencies

• It has cryptocurrencies with very low values ​​that allow profitability over time, as is the case of Tron (TRX), Cardano (ADA), Nano (NANO) among others.

• Possesses its own Binance cryptocurrency (BNB)

• It has a clean and very easy to use interface

• Its interface is the closest thing to a trading platform in the stock market.

• It has a very fast desktop application for its executions.

• It has an application for mobile which allows us to execute operations from our cell phone with great comfort.

Binance has Stop Limit, Market, Buy Stop orders which can be found in both the desktop and mobile app.

A characteristic that distinguishes Binance from other exchanges is that they have thought about the comfort of the user and most of all focused on the Scalping trader, in their execution orders they have established buttons that automatically select the amount of capital to choose to buy (buy) or sell (sell) the total or a part of the available capital.

Cryptocurrency trading platforms – BitMEX

BitMEX, which is an abbreviation of the English “Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange”, is a platform whose product is derived from cryptocurrency and where investors can interact with financial markets using bitcoin.

Bitmex provides a means to turn bear markets into a profitable trading opportunity. Anyone who does not learn to use BitMEX is limiting their opportunities in the cryptography trade: they are denying themselves the possibility of trading short and benefiting from falling prices.

The crypto global market peaked on January 8, 2018 of $ 828 billion, and then fell by 70% to $ 243 billion on April 1, 2018. Those who HODL had lost 70%. (Almost all.) Those who sold USD or EUR in January did well: they kept the value of their portfolio measured in USD. Those who sold their portfolios for USD and shorted the cipher market at or near their peak made an additional fortune than they did in the run-up to January 8.

*Also recommended: Multiple-Cryptocurrency trading platform SynapseBot


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