How to assemble your own blockchain

From the moment you met Bitcoin, you’ve probably asked yourself: What can I do to help in all this? What can I do to make my collaboration with Bitcoin?

The answers to all those questions are much simpler than you think because just by installing a Bitcoin node in your computer you will actively collaborate with the Bitcoin security.

Next, we’ll explain how you can create your node to make Bitcoin stronger.

Check that your device does not enter sleep mode and reduce its capabilities

If you are already aware that you are fulfilling all the necessary requirements to establish the node of your cryptocurrency without any problem, then the following is to follow the steps that we are going to mention

The first thing you should do is open your electronic wallet if you do not have it intact. You will see that it is completely unloaded since a verification tick appears in the bottom of the purse. This will take hours or days depending on the internet speed you have since the first time to download the complete blockchain (which currently exceeds 175GB)

Download and run a Bitcoin client on a computer.

Direct port 8333 of your router to the internal IP of the computer.

It does not affect your Internet connection at all or you will suffer changes in your day-to-day browsing. Having already completed all the steps, proceed to restart the router and the Bitcoin client, wait a couple of minutes and check that all the lines of the signal indicator present in the bottom bar of the wallet are active.

Finally indicate that having a Bitcoin node does not have a significant amount of light expenditure (remember that having a node is not mining), so you can use your own computer. However, if you do not want to use your computer, and since removing the hard drive does not need a powerful computer, even a 25 € raspberry pi can serve as a node, which also will consume less light than a typical PC tower .

Launch a node on a server

How to assemble your own blockchain

Renting a virtual or dedicated server for € 3 a month and putting a Bitcoin node to work is really simple.

In addition there are different alternatives to run it in just a couple of commands.

For example, the Bitnodes website itself leaves us a command to run a Bitcoin Core node:

curl | sh

On the other hand you can deploy a node with Docker on any server: See options.

Environments such as Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Service already have options for a click to run a Bitcoin node without typing any command.


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