The 10 most advanced cryptocurrencies of 2019

What are the best cryptocurrencies for this 2019? Well, this will depend a lot on the fluctuations of the market, since digital money is especially volatile, but also of the community and technology on which both platforms and their tokens are based.

Thus, although one cannot answer categorically to the question, in which cryptocurrencies to invest or which are the most profitable crypts; yes we can rely on some clues to predict whether a crypto is worth it or not:

• Technology and innovation or improvements with respect to other cryptocurrencies

• Capitalization in the markets and current volume of transactions

• Size and engagement of the community

• Support of large companies or governments, as well as acceptance in exchanges and businesses

And finally, the greater or lesser originality and freshness of the project. In this ranking you will find cryptocurrencies whose current value is less than the 10 coins with the highest capitalization, however, they offer a totally new and revolutionary idea that distinguishes them from the rest.

The best cryptocurrencies to invest in this 2019

The 10 most advanced cryptocurrencies of 2019


Although there are currently other cryptocurrencies with a more advanced and improved technology than the original Bitcoin Blockchain, the coin par excellence continues to lead the digital coin market.


Almost as acclaimed as Bitcoin, Ethereum has managed to remain as the second most valued and popular cryptocurrency of all time.

Its success is largely due to the application of a totally revolutionary Blockchain technology: Ethereum was the first system to develop decentralized applications and smart contracts.


The cryptocurrency and Ripple platform have been much talked about, since some experts do not consider the coin to have intrinsic value in itself. In fact, Ripple does not operate on a Blockchain or generate new currencies, therefore, it cannot be mined and its founders (Ripple Labs) keep all control over the released currencies.


Many users do not understand why the EOS platform and its token of the same name are gaining as many followers and positions in the most prized cryptocurrency rankings. Eos is offers an ecosystem based on the blockchain of Ethereum and its token ERC-20. Of course, it adds a series of improvements that allow the system to process millions of operations per second without collapsing or increasing commissions, surpassing any other chain of blocks. It also has a system to correct errors and recover previous data from the blockchain.


Inspired by Bitcoin, Litecoin was born in 2011 with the aim of becoming its alternative.

So from the beginning its developers made an effort to solve several technical and security problems originated in the old blockchain. So that Litecoin can produce four times more units than Bitcoin and with greater security guarantees.


The fact that Stellar is a non-profit organization that aims to facilitate access to financial products to all those who do not have it, has won many followers and a large community of users who work actively in the project.

To achieve this, Stellar has designed a network of decentralized servers that can execute hundreds of transactions at very low cost and at high speeds.

Bitcoin Cash

This separation occurs as a result of a strong disagreement in the Bitcoin network about how to solve scalability problems. In this way a coin is created with greater capacity to process the blocks (avoiding network congestion problems), without the Replace by fee (RBF) function and with a new difficulty adjustment algorithm in the mining (Adjustment of the EDA Emergency Difficulty) among other things.


It is a cryptocurrency that allows you to store money and make transactions easily, without having to pass the Tethers to another cryptocurrency, but to exchange the tether coins directly in fiat money.

Try to eliminate the volatility characteristic of cryptocurrencies so it maintains a 1: 1 parity with the dollar. Thus 1 Tether will always equal 1 USD or its fiduciary pair (because it can also be referenced to other currencies such as the EUR or the GBP).


Despite not having more than a year to live, Tron and Tronix token have managed to position themselves among the 20 most valued cryptocurrencies of the moment.

This is because Tron, still without offering a breakthrough technology, has designed a very fresh project based on an innovative idea: an exchange platform for creators of content and digital entertainment. For example, an Apps creator can offer their programs in the Tron environment, without paying costs and without the need for interested users to pay with their data to a third party (as would be the case of Playstore).


Cardano has been a surprise. Despite its short life (launched at the end of 2017), the cryptocurrency earned a place in the top 10 of the most valuable coins.

From the beginning, its designers sought to create the most technologically developed Blockchain of accounts exist. For this they have developed a multilayer design that operates on the blockchain at several levels: a layer where ADA coins operate and another computational layer where smart contracts are executed.


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